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Project duration November 2022-October 2025

Project Goals

The main aims of the project are:

Goal 1

To investigate the suitability of hyperspectral imagery and dense multispectral time series for determining and assessing SOC content of peatland soils and other relevant properties in wet grassland,

Goal 2

Interpret the spatial distribution patterns of SOC and vegetation characteristics

Goal 3

Compare different methods for assessing the impacts of land use practices and their interactions with associated ecosystem services and biodiversity; and

Goal 4

Model long-term temporal changes in SOC content and simulate scenarios for future SOC trends using information from long- and short-range sensing.


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Project MoorgrünFE

Several grassland areas were selected for the project across Germany.
The selection was based  on peatland type  and land use (e.g. grassland, rewetting).

Region 1: ZALF Grassland sites

Two grassland areas are selected as main pilot areas.

Region 2: Other wet grassland sites

The project will survey areas of the paludiculture pilot sites on which rewetting measures are being implemented․․․


Bundesamt für Naturschutz

Bundesamt für Naturschutz/Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
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Monitoring of transformation processes

We systematically record the interactions between abiotic (climate, soil, water balance) and biotic (vegetation, species, habitats) components as well as different management measures of wet grasslands.
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