Region 2: Other wet grassland sites

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Paludiculture sites

Paludiculture is a sustainable land use approach that involves the cultivation of crops and the utilization of biomass in wetland areas. Unlike traditional agriculture, which often requires land modification and conversion of wetlands to farmland, paludiculture adapts cultivation techniques to the permanent wet conditions of wetlands. The project will survey areas of the paludiculture pilot project on which rewetting measures are being implemented (e.g., Bargischow South Polder, Sandhagen Polder, Rhinluch, Schnelle Havel, Randowbruch, Erfde). By rewetting the peatlands and adopting paludiculture, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced while also improving biodiversity, water retention, and habitat provision for rare species, which contribute to the conservation of ecosystem services.

Monitoring of transformation processes

We systematically record the interactions between abiotic (climate, soil, water balance) and biotic (vegetation, species, habitats) components as well as different management measures of wet grasslands.
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